Matt's STORY

Matt Hite is a life-long waterman from a family of lifeguards, surfers, and teachers. Having a father and Mother who were both long time ocean lifeguards, Matt picked up the sport of surfing at a very early age. In 2004, Matt began his career as a surf instructor in southern California. HE STARTED PADDLING STAND UP PADDLE BOARDS IN 2008 AND QUICKLY BECAME AN INSTRUCTOR AS THE COMMERCIALIZED SPORT MADE ITS ENTRANCE INTO FLORIDA. having a strong desire to be on the water whenever possible, Matt was immediately hooked as SUP filled the gap when there were no waves to surf. As soon as certifications were established, he became an ACA SUP instructor. He is Currently certified through the ACA, WPA, PaddleFit, and also a nationally certified EMT. his expertise, skills and dedication to the sport of Stand up paddle boarding and surfing has established him as one of the most respected instructors and instructor trainers in the Stand up Paddle industry.

In 2007, he joined one of the paddlesports industry's most respect retailers and became an Instructor Trainer (A teacher’s Instructor) for the American Canoe Association (ACA). In 2012, he was asked to help develop the current ACA Surf SUP certification curriculum that is used globally. After being a Retail general manager for several years in the Paddlesports industry, MATT shifted gears in 2018 to become a School Teacher Certified in Exceptional Student Education.

Currently, He travels throughout the United States and Caribbean hosting clinics and development workshops for instructors and SUP enthusiast. With a passion for people and knowledge about the industry and Retail, Matt also Consults at Stand Up Paddle Stores and businesses to help increase sales, coach staff, and execute marketing strategies.

In addition to other sponsorships, Matt represents SIC MAUI as an ambassador and he is honored to represent their parent company BIC Sport, which is a sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturer that has been recognized on its environmental efforts. Matt has been featured in Facing Waves, SUP the Mag, Outside Television, Business Transworld, the ACA’s Paddle publication, Folio Weekly, and other publications.

He is committed to sharing the excitement, safety, and knowledge of the ocean and riding its waves.

Professional Skills


ATHLETE: Surfing and Stand Up Paddle

EDUCATOR: SUP Instructor Trainer, Sales Consultant, Retail Coach, Curriculum Development

CREATIVE: Print & Web Graphic Design, Website Implementation & Management

BRANDING & MARKETING: Brand Mgmt., Marketing Strategy & Execution, Event Development

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